Is it time for Girl Scout Cookies Already?

Yup, it is that time of the year again. Girl Scouts are out en masse to sell those delicious cookies. I was helping my daughter at a booth. It was a selling frenzy…and to keep track of your cookies inventory and sales. Let’s look at the cookie sale form. Therein lies a few design flaws, from an information design perspective.

Below is an old form from 2015. I will upload the newer form in a bit when I take a picture of it. 

  • visual separation would be helpful so there is less chance of making mistakes in marking which cookies sold: chocolate vs non-chocolate vs. special (ie gluten free), cost: $4 cookies vs. $5 cookies, peanut butter sandwich vs. peanut butter paddies.
  • a division for ease of counting how many boxes are sold o how many customers bought as you go: separate rows by 5.