Above: Mid-fi Prototype Round 1

UX in ATX website: an expansive case study, from user research to product development

KEY SKILLS: Remote team collaboration, Stakeholder Interviews, Site Mapping, Card Sorting, Website Style Guide, Project Co-Manager.

CHALLENGE and WHY: This project came into being because

  • the organizers of UX in ATX (Austin, TX) did not want to depend on Meetup platform for their events outreach.
  • they wanted a website as a basis for community formation:  a place for UX designers to volunteer, be a mentor or a mentee as well serve as a resource for all UX Designers. Basically, a place for all UX Designers to grow, build skills and build each other.

MY ROLE:  I co-lead our stakeholder interview, interviewed a user, worked with the team to create an affinity map, created a site map and card sort, presented and discussed each other’s wireframes. Another team member gathered our ideas created a prototype. I am working on a style guide with another team member at the moment. I organized our weekly meetings.

I am excited to say we are testing our prototype and will be our way toward a website next month.



  1. Surprise from survey questionnaire: Meetup group members were less homogenous than we thought. I had hypothesized that the UX group will mostly comprised of beginner/junior UX Designers. While mostly right, there were about 30% each of student and beginner but about 12-16% Associate and Senior Designers.
  2. User Interviews: Even with COVID, convenience of attending any meetings from your home, our users still preferred in person meetings. All wanted to contribute to the UX community through volunteering and mentorships. There were overwhelming enthusiasm and support within the community to  help us with our research.
  3. Out of curiosity, I created a poll and asked from where and why people are attending meetings. The poll was administered at a meeting. Although the meeting wasn’t as well attended as previously, results showed preference for in person and virtual meeting. Most in attendance (over 60%) were from Austin and 30% from another state. This indicated that people still remain mostly local, even though they could go “global”, with virtual meetings.
  4. Even though we interviewed a few senior designers, they want to continue to learn, contribute and grow the UX community.



NEED: Virtual meetings feel "surface" level with linkedin profile shares. There isn't genuine get to know each other.

SOLUTION:  Allow extra pre-meeting break-rooms for networking and socialization.

Knowledge Sharing

NEED: Knowledge sharing between senior designers and mid to beginner designers.

SOLUTION: MENTORSHIP program with best practice, etc. Senior designers could be guest bloggers on website or volunteer to be guest speakers.


NEED: Many beginner/career changers wanted a foot in UX door via Portfolio Reviews.

SOLUTION: Facilitate portfolio review thru slack channel, apply for portfolio review by volunteer senior designers.


sitemap created using FlowMapp, based on user interviews and stakeholder needs–before card sort.

Optimal Hybrid Card Sort Round 1 (results fr 11 participant, Round 2 had 9 partipants)

My team and I presented our findings to our second stakeholder meeting.

We came out of the meeting with some scaled down changes to our plan due to time and resources:

  1. Stakeholder did not have resource or time to handle guest bloggers.
  2. A volunteer is needed to spearhead a mentorship program and would need to be hashed out. (again lack for person resource).
  3. Website pages such as forum or member login are not possible at this point due to person resource.
  4. The main focus of the website will be as a meeting resource and videos and transcript archive.

Discuss finding from Optimal Workshop Card Sort: what are some interesting sorting/placement

round 1 INTERVIEWS findings
round 2 INTERVIEWS findings
style guides

Color inspiration from: James Turrel exhibition at University of Texas, color generator, sticky notes;
typeface exploration with Il1 and several other letters; type scale and placement on page;
Also choice from 37 words selected by stakeholders and team members will be used 
to capture color, mood, typeface of website. 

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