InfuZen Design Website


Client needed a website for her new home staging and interior design business. She wanted a simple website where she or her family member can update her portfolio.


Role: sole designer. I was in charge of designing the website and launching it,  and creating website email accounts.

Tools: Photoshop, WordPress, Loom

These are my considerations in creating InfuZen Design website:

  • I had client provide content (about me, home page, services and testimonial pages).
  • I chose slideshow format instead of a portfolio of images. I feel a slideshow can better demonstrate before and after transformations of her work, and it is a self contained album/project.
  • I used client’s own photos instead of stock/free photos on website
  • I presented her photos in best light using Photoshop. (She was amazed and couldn’t recognize those were her photos.)
  •  I adopted client’s square photo format.


Full snapshot of web pages in slideshow format is shown below.

overview of website pages

After completing this project and giving it some thought: These are items I would change on  this website:

  • Have client edit and make About Me page shorter: limit content length without the need to scrolling down.
  • Make content about home staging content catchy: example title: top 10 reasons for using home staging. For each reason, it should be very brief–one sentence long explanation for each reason.
  • Limit 2-3 slideshow for each category of home staging: for example, in vacant home category, show only 3 slideshows. This would keep the page load faster and audience can choose to go thru each slideshow without feeling overwhelmed.
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