edvestors.org Website Audit

BACKGROUND:  I volunteered to perform a website audit for edvestors.org, which is a non-profit organization that raises funds and invest those funds in promising programs to help improve underperforming Boston public schools.

ROLE: I analyzed their website by performing a website audit. 

  • Neil Patel website audit was helpful for website SEO and a summary was provided to help with site SEO (such as shorter page URL,  shorter title length, etc)
  • the Heuristic Review I performed delved deeper into the site.

RESULTS: This is the shorter slide deck of my Heuristic Review. 

To summarize: 

  • Goal: more donations:

Donations are usually very personal to people and you want to see your money go as far as possible and with as much impact as possible.” –T. M

    1. Make the site look professional by fixing broken links, adding buttons for action items;
    2. have consistent link colors, etc so potential donors can find information they are looking for.
    3. Clarity on program impact is needed.
    4. More simple language and sentence structures for user to scan/read.
  • Goal: more grant applicants:
    1. Organize information and make it easier for applicants to apply for grants: make online form, clear datelines, who to send application to, what are the criterias.
  • Create better search and filter: for articles ab. Programs vs helpful resources

The longer (more detailed version) is here.

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