Whole Foods Market store Locations Page Re-Design

In looking at map re-design, as part of Daily UI challenge, I looked at Whole Foods Market Store Locations Page. I detailed in the image grab below (click for pop up closer view) a few problematic points that I think the page can be re-designed. 

details of problematic areas in Whole Foods Store Locator page pointed in red
These are a few points detailed in store location image:
  • picture of store is small and no picture is shown if you click on store location link
  • map and location could be better integrated
  • red and all caps could be more clear: consider language button color
  • visual hierarchy and consistency is needed

A wireframe sketch of possible layout for the new page:

Below is a re-design layout of the Whole Foods Store Locations page (on desktop), taking into account problematic areas.

    • images of each store location are removed because they were too small anyway. Also if a store location is selected, and you are sent to the store location page, no image of the store is seen.
    • I eliminated store locations list and integrated them into a google map. Viewer can spot where the locations are overall and selected nearby location.
    • The locations pins are in Whole Foods logo color scheme, which I think would re-enforce branding. I would have liked to insert a “fruit” image that is the “O” in Whole Foods as drop pins.  Tourist maps I have looked at in Bangkok, Thailand uses lots of logos to indicate locations. When you are in a big city and looking at maps of places, logos of locations do stand out. I think this subconsciously reinforces branding.  This is an area worth exploring and integrating into google maps.

    • a click on location name (example Bee Cave) a drop down will show store address. Ideally if this page is seen on mobile, a second click on the location address would send you to Google maps and you could start navigation.