Buddhi Belly website revamp

old  store location map

Objective: Owner/Client wanted a website revamp: clean & modern aesthetic with flair for art.

In my evaluation of their website, I found areas that needed work:

  • map needed updating
  • missing product photos
  • company details

RESULTS & ROLE: Sole person working on this project from start to finish. Website created from scratch and uploaded to server for client.

Tools Used: Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator. Fetch. Flash. Some CSS/HTML coding.

Thoughts: First website completed as freelancer in 2008. Client was happy with website. These items were implemented:

  • Clean. Modern aesthetic layout
  • Short paragraphs for easy reading
  • Contact page with only necessary fields
  • Added product pictures to entice consumer

What I would change in hindsight: consider color contrast, text sizes (for print vs. for web is different)


Home (left) and Franchise (right) pages

About (left) and Contact (right) pages

Health benefits (left) and News (right) pages



Clean and modern aesthetic, based on store design (metallic colored gray walls, bright white lighting, with small Alessi sculptures, ghost chairs by Philip Starck). Helvetica was the architects/owners favorite typeface.


Map is re-illustrated, and modernized. With a 3D view, landmarks, wider map area, consumers can locate this yogurt shop, among other businesses on a busy and crowded walking streets, near metro train and bus stops.


Incorporated fruit colors and illustrated yogurt cup into navigation, in reference to illustrations found at the store (Customers are adults and school age - college age kids who draw while eating yogurt).


I came up with product concepts--'freshness', 'healthy', 'lifestyle habits' and incorporated product images with copy to visually entice consumers to try their products ( other sample pages below).

Map Details Comparision

before and after map location


Various home pages layouts; holiday home page layout is animated GIF
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